Cleaning Eagle Eyes: A Maintenance Contract Opportunity

Cleaning Eagle Eyes

The Eagle Eye repels birds by flashing sunlight off its shiny, chromed surfaces. This chromed surface requires maintenance, if left unattended the reflective surface will oxidize and become dull. In order to get the best results Eagle Eyes should be cleaned regularly.

Bird Barrier recommends cleaning on a quarterly basis. On this schedule they are easier to clean and restore to a great shine. A soapy water solution is often enough to do the job, but for the best results Bird Barrier recommends a specialty cleaner.

NanoUltra Stain Remover is a specialty formulated stain remover and cleaner that has excellent cleaning and polishing power. NanoUltra is adept at removing tough stains and will easily remove calcium, magnesium, iron and other accumulated, hard-to-remove elements.


NanoUltra features a mild abrasive and a couple of mild chemicals in slurry, and is designed to not scratch the chrome (when applied by hand).

NanoUltra is applied using a clean microfiber towel. Squeeze out a small dollop of product on the towel and rub in small expanding circles. A second clean microfiber is used to remove the leftover product and polish the surface to a high shine.

See the NanoUltra in action: Cleaning Eagle Eyes Video

A 25 oz. bottle is $34.00, and will clean at least 100 Eagle Eyes.

The Eagle Eye Maintenance Contract

Bird Barrier encourages the Eagle Eye installer to provide a maintenance agreement that covers the cleaning and inspection of the Eagle Eye, support post and wiring. We estimate that with easy access, an Eagle Eye will take about ten minutes to clean.

Review site access and Eagle Eye placement when evaluating the maintenance agreement fees as Eagle Eyes mounted on different parts of the building may require dis-assembly to be able to clean, so be sure to allow enough time to adequately get all the work done.

Safety Notice – This maintenance cleaning should be contemplated during the initial site evaluation and placement of Eagle Eyes, I.e. evaluate placement for ease of access for this regular cleaning.

While the Eagle Eyes are being cleaned, the technician should also be checking the wiring, solar panels (should be cleaned as well), batteries, connections and anything else that may need attention.

Offering a maintenance contract on Eagle Eye(s) is a win-win for the installer and the building owner; the device stays cleaner and will last longer, and more birds will be repelled for a longer period of time.