StealthNet HVAC Poles Prevent Pigeon Deposits At Bank

StealthNet bird netting installed over HVAC unitsMore than 10 years ago, Charles King of King Pest Control in Edmond, OK installed a StealthNet bird netting system over the HVAC units on the roof of this mid-rise bank building to prevent pigeon nesting. The bank recently decided to replace the roof and HVAC units, so they asked King to move the bird netting for the new installation. It was still in good shape, other than a few tears made by maintenance workers.

New HVAC poles improve on original installation

At the time of the original StealthNet installation, Bird Barrier’s HVAC bird netting poles had not yet been introduced. They relied on the perimeter fence to support the bird netting. Because King always warranties his work and wanted to make it easier for the maintenance crew to access the roof without causing damage to the bird netting, he decided to replace the system and use the poles to support new 2-inch black heavy duty StealthNet. They installed two L-shaped zippers to allow for easy ladder access on the roof. The maintenance crew are quite pleased with the outcome.

IMG_1037It was a fairly straight-forward job and the bank has been a long-time customer, so they were happy to agree to the new installation. The most challenging part of the process was making the large net, 75 x 100 ft., taut. Due to the winter weather conditions in Oklahoma, King and his crew decided to replace galvanized hardware with stainless steel turnbuckles and net cable. Using a pneumatic net ring tool made the job quick and easy. It took two men just one  day to complete this job.

King Pest Control continues to install bird control systems for the bank’s many buildings. They have found that in their region, StealthNet bird netting is the most effective product for deterring birds. “I can count on StealthNet’s durability. It withstands weather long past its 10-year warranty,” explains Mr. King.

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* The 10-year warranty covers black StealthNet only.