Airport Bird Control Using Bird-Shock Flex-Track

Installation of airport bird control systemsA municipal airport in the south drew up plans to renovate the building’s facade. The airport’s main sign already had Bird-Shock Flex-Track installed on it. Because of bird problems in other areas of the airport, Flex-Track was included in the blue print as a preemptive airport bird control measure. The facade’s overhang includes dozens of beams presenting hundreds of feet likely to attract birds. Airport bird control is essential not only for maintaining a clean environment for travelers, but also keeping birds away from aircraft.

Because to the number of beams, this job required over 600 wired  jumps between tracks. This made it a more complex airport bird control job, requiring a technician with experience installing large Flex-Track systems. In the end, it was Jason Reger’s job experience, not the price, that won the bid. He spent a week designing the system based on the blue prints.

connectionsReger’s experience has taught him to always be prepared with more materials than necessary. In this case, extra materials saved a great deal of time. After installing a portion of the system, the airport authorities decided that they wanted the system’s wiring to be invisible from below. This changed the way Reger and his team made connections between tracks. The original plan included Quick-Tap Jumpers. In order to make the connections less visible, those were changed out for standard connectors, female Snap Taps and Straight Connectors. These connectors allowed the wired jumps to lie flat on the beams, thus reducing their visibility from below.

Airport bird control protects both buildings and aircraft

“The most challenging part of this job”, explains Reger, “was making sure that we didn’t close any of the circuits.” A total of four systems, each using a 120 volt charger capable of powering 2,500 feet of Bird-Shock Flex-Track, were used to protect the airport’s facade structure. Because of the powerful chargers they selected, the number of amps at the end of the circuits were the same as at the chargers. The entire project included 7,000 linear feet of track, taking the team of three two weeks to install.

flexingThe customers is pleased with the outcome, for its effectiveness and low-profile appearance. Reger expects that the customer will require his airport bird control services again soon to protect other areas that already have problems with Starlings and Sparrows.

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