Bird Barrier Introduces New Sparrow Trap

Bird Barrier's new Sparrow Trap DoorBirds tend to occupy large retail stores because they offer so much food, water and harborage. Because of this, they can be difficult to attract to sparrow traps and new food sources. They quickly find hiding places and may even build nests indoors and create a breeding colony.

Retail business owners will like the Sparrow Trap Door because it is discrete and blends in well with interior décor. This is because our new Sparrow Trap Door is a trap that doesn’t look like a normal sparrow trap; in fact it doesn’t act like a trap either. Designed specifically for birds inside structures, the Sparrow Trap Door features a flat platform on the top onto which bird food is applied. Like a bird feeder, the sparrow simply stands atop the device, eating to its heart’s content. At some point, usually quite quickly, it steps on a thin wire perch, which causes the platform to collapse under it (hence “Sparrow Trap Door”), and it gently falls inside to a ventilated, quiet holding area which keeps the bird docile with no stress.

New Sparrow Trap Door is discrete and hygienic

Food and water can be left inside the sparrow trap if desired. Store personnel can monitor the sparrow trap easily because when open, or armed, a large baffle sticks straight up, but when triggered the lid is in the down position signaling that a bird has been captured.

The Sparrow Trap Door can be set upon a shelf, racking, or hung from a pipe or beam above. It is best to position the sparrow trap as close to the bird activity as possible, keeping in mind that other food and water sources should be eliminated if possible. Lightweight and easy to handle, the Sparrow Trap Door is constructed from a dense, strong, PVC foam. It is easy to clean. The bottom opens for easy bird release and cleaning.

We have posted a video of the Sparrow Trap Door catching starlings on our YouTube channel. The video can also be watched on the Bird Barrier video page.

The Sparrow Trap Door retails to the pest professional for $110. Large facilities generally require at least four traps for complete coverage. To order, contact us at 800-503-5444, or online at