Dura-­Spike Bird Spikes Solve Problems Large and Small

Dura-Spike Bird SpikesThe nice thing about Bird Barrier’s Dura-Spike bird spikes is that it is fast and easy to install on both large and small jobs. Because it can be glued or screwed to both flat and curved surfaces, it is an ideal solution for pigeons in non-nesting environments.

Take for example the two jobs done recently by two different PMPs. One involved about 3,500 linear feet of the product on standard parapet caps and windowsills, while the other used only about eight feet on five metal satellite dishes.

The Large Job

The building owner wanted a long lasting solution and liked the fact that Dura-Spike is 100 percent marine grade stainless steel. Its three-foot lengths are fast and easy to glue down to the surface, and so the installer was able to offer a very competitive price due to the relatively small amount of labor required.

Dura-Spike Bird SpikesThe project used all three models of the Dura-Spike; Narrow (2.5″) for windowsills, two rows of the Wide (5”) on the parapet caps, and some Xtra-Wide (8″) on wider ledges. It was glued down with Bird Barrier Bond so there was no need to penetrate the building with screws that might later cause leaks.

Two men glued down the 3,500 feet in about 50 man-hours.

The Small Job

A company with five large satellite dishes on its roof was annoyed at the droppings from pigeons. As they perched on the lips of the dishes, they made their messes on sensitive equipment that needed to be constantly cleaned.

Dura-Spike Bird SpikesAgain, the customer liked the idea of an all-metal solution and chose Dura-Spike over other spikes with plastic bases, or all plastic designs. And, because they are round the thin base of the Dura-Spike would follow the curve perfectly.

Due to the thin edge being mounted to, the installer chose to use stainless steel screws. He first drilled into the metal frame, then drove in the screws as can be seen in the accompanying photograph. He used every other screw hole in the base. Luckily the dishes could be unlocked and rotated, so he was able to do the job without getting up on a ladder. Each of the five dishes took less than an hour to install so the job was done before lunch.