Pigeon Population Reduced from 200 to 5 with OvoControl

Site Description

The open campus was home to many pigeonsPima College is a community college located in Tucson, AZ. With nearly 10,000 students, the main campus has a challenging mix of open areas and structures.

The Pigeon Problem

Pima’s main campus in the downtown area of Tucson consists of 11 large, low-rise buildings, expansive parking and tree canopies in a park-like setting. Pigeons were widespread on campus, although not concentrated in any particular location. The pest control operator estimated the original population at approximately 200 pigeons.

The Solution

An OvoControl Feeder was Placed on CampusFollowing a site survey, the installer recommended an OvoControl population management program with three automatic feeding stations. The feeders were located on three different rooftop locations, targeting the larger flock concentrations on campus. The OvoControl program was augmented by quarterly trapping.

The Results

OvoControl reduced the population from 200 pigeons to just 5 birds over a period of 24 months. Pima college remains pigeon free.