Pigeon Problem Overcome with OvoControl

Memorial-Hermann Hospital in Houston had a pigeon problem

Site Description

Memorial-Hermann in Northwest Houston is a 1,200 bed medical center. First constructed in the 1970s, it has been upgraded extensively and now includes a mix of more than a dozen structures, both old and new.


The Pigeon Problem

The hospital campus encompasses more than four city blocks with structures ranging from one to five stories. As in many parts of Houston, there was a high concentration of pigeons with an estimated population approaching 2,000 birds. Loafing and nesting areas were extensive and pigeon debris represented an infectious risk.


The Solution

Due to the vast numbers, live trapping was not effective since the remaining birds quickly backfilled the population. Instead the installer deployed a contraceptive program supplemented by a repelling strategy in critical areas (Eagle Eye).


The Results

OvoControl Feeder on the roof reduced the pigeon populationIn the first nine months bird pressure was reduced by approximately 75%, part due to OvoControl and part due to the repelling effect of Eagle Eye. In the most recent census, an estimated 500 birds remain attached to the property. The OvoControl program will continue to reduce the number of pigeons in the resident flocks at the rate of 50%, annually.