Condos Plagued by Pigeons See Relief with OvoControl

Site Description

Loring Way Condos Plagued by PigeonsIdeally located in downtown Minneapolis, Loring Way is situated adjacent to a city park and in the vicinity of larger hotels, office buildings, parking garages and the convention center. A seven story structure, the facility includes 182 separately-owned units, each with its own private balcony.

The Problem Pigeons

HVAC Unit Clogged with Pigeon FeathersBeginning with a resident flock of approximately 80 birds, the condominium is not necessarily a large hub of pigeon activity. Birds commonly constructed nests on the outdoor balcony areas and on rooftop air conditioning equipment which became clogged with pigeon feathers, nesting debris and droppings.

The Solution

Property management at the Loring Condominium had already experimented with various effigies (plastic owls) and other repelling techniques without success. Instead, the condominium installed an automatic feeder to contracept the pigeons. Despite the condominium’s position in a dense urban area, the feeder did not attract additional birds or flocks.

The Results

OvoControl Feeder on Condo RoofIn the twelve months since the program was implemented, bird numbers have been reduced by approximately half, from 80 to 40 pigeons through attrition. The OvoControl program will continue to reduce the number of pigeons in the resident flock at the rate of 50%, annually.