Attack of the 100 Foot Seagull

MSN9news reported that “giant” seagull invaded the studios of Channel 9 six o’clock news in Melbourne. The veteran newscaster, Peter Hitchner, was reading a story about a 1982 murder, when a “giant” seagull walked across the projection behind Hitchner, ultimately caused by a camera shooting a real-time cityscape of Melbourne. Hitchner, unphased by the seagull’s antics, continued his report.

“I was reading away, and it was a serious story, and I suddenly thought, ‘Oh my gosh that seagull’s back again’, because we had bit of a problem last night,” he told Melbourne radio after the bulletin.

“About 50 seconds to six o’clock this seagull arrived and started pecking at the camera and it had the beadiest huge eyes you’ve ever seen in your life.”