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Meet the Bird Barrier Staff: Cameron Riddell, President

Cameron Riddell

Cameron Riddell

Cameron Riddell is the president and co-founder of Bird Barrier®. He started it with friends in 1993 after buying some patents from an inventor named Vic Chatten. Cameron had a background in the publishing industry and immediately went to work putting out a comprehensive catalog. To this day Bird Barrier's® catalog is known to be the most informative in the industry.

Cameron developed Bird Barrier's® technical training class and taught it personally to thousands of pest control professionals all over the US. In the company's first ten years he was on the road more than he was at home. He has gone on to develop many of the company's products and is most proud of Bird-Shock Flex-Track. Today Cameron is heavily involved in sales, marketing, product development and operations.

Cameron earned a degree in English literature from UCLA in 1985. He has a wife and two daughters. He enjoys snowboarding, kiteboarding and stand-up paddle boarding, but not skateboarding. He also enjoys travel, photography, videography, technology and classic cars.