Use BirdSlide on ledges, eaves, angle irons, I-beams and most "L" shaped ledges where total exclusion is the goal. Bird-Slide is sold in five-foot sections. BirdSlide completely protects the ledge against all bird species; they simply can?t get a grip and ?slide? right off the ledge. When color matched to the structure, BirdSlide usually looks like it?s a part of the building. It comes in gray or beige, but can be primed and painted to match any color. Easy to Install: For ledges six inches wide, the flat base simply glues to any clean surface using Bird Barrier bond. For narrow ledges the ?fin? can be trimmed down; for wider ledges an extension can be added. BirdSlide can be screwed to wood. Made from UV-stabilized polycarbonate. Two-year warranty against UV breakdown. Paint the product to extend its life.

BirdSlide Installation Options

BirdSlide Demonstrated on Ledges of Various Widths
BirdSlide Inverted Under an Eave

(A) Ledges 3” to 6” Wide: Cut trim area at the appropriate width.
(B) 6” Ledges: Use BirdSlide exactly as it comes out of the box.
(C) Ledges Wider than 6”: Attach these special extensions for even wider coverage.
(D) Eaves: BirdSlide can be installed under eaves to exclude mud swallows. It can easily be cut to accommodate beams and other building features.

BirdSlide Extension Diagram

If adding a third extension as shown here, please contact a Bird Barrier representative for advice on providing proper support.

Adding BirdSlide Seam Connectors

BirdSlide Seam Connectors

Gaps can appear between sections of BirdSlide when mounting to uneven surfaces. These new molded connectors lock the ends together and fill in the seam.

Adding BirdSlide Extensions

BirdSlide Extensions

For wider ledges (see above), BirdSlide Extensions can be added to increase the size and coverage. Extensions are 6” wide, and now they just slide on to the top of the BirdSlide. This is a fast and easy process which looks attractive and professional.