How to Keep Birds Away From Your House

Protect the areas of your home that are likely to be damaged by nesting and roosting birds. Residential bird control products can safely and effectively drive pest birds away from your house. Bird Barrier can help you keep birds off your roof, out of your gutters, and away from your chimney, porch, patio, or garden. Our professional grade bird control systems help homeowners prevent damage to their property by deterring pest birds. We offer a variety of humane and effective solutions for all types of bird problems. A Bird Barrier expert will be happy to help you select the right bird control products for your specific pest species and type of problem so you can get rid of pest birds and keep them away from your entire property: house, yard, and garden. For homeowners who prefer to get a handle on the solutions before contacting us, please take a look at our online tool, Product Advisor. It’s a breeze to use.

Bird Control Options for Homeowners

Bird control or bird deterrent products are often the answer for protecting homes. On this page you will find our recommendations for effective and easy-to-install residential bird control products for houses, including the roof, gutters, chimney, siding, eaves, patios, decks, and other areas that are vulnerable to damage from pigeons, woodpeckers, crows, seagulls, sparrows, swallows, and other common pest birds.

Bird Control Solutions to Common Residential Problems

Pigeons or Gulls on Roof Peak Birds in Protected Nooks Mud Swallows Under Eaves How to Get Rid Of Woodpeckers Drumming or Drilling On Houses Pigeons or Gulls on Roof Peak Birds in Protected Nooks Mud Swallows Under Eaves Woodpeckers Drumming / Drilling

Bird Control Products for Residences

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