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Bird Net System

Hover Over These Features of the StealthNet® System

StealthNet® Sizes







We know you have designs that help get StealthNet mounted not only faster but with design in mind. This sounds aesthetic but it’s mostly for the birds and their persistence.


StealthNet® Hardware







The netting, as structurally sound as it is, waits for great installer design & a well-done perimeter of bracketry & cables which allows the netting its final praise


A Great Example of StealthNet®







When purchasing StealthNet in black, you are guaranteed your neighbors & customers will never know it’s there. That is unless they are extremely nosey.


StealthNet® in Black = Stealthy







StealthNet® in stone is made to accomplish good looks. When installed in a setting that, together with the surroundings, makes your final design excellent. 

StealthNet® Pros Await







We’re glad to help set up a first time installer. We understand. But hands down, our nationwide fleet of long-time installers are ready to give you their best. Click here for a free visit.


Commercial-Grade Bird Netting from Residential to Industry

Bird netting protects property by keeping out pest birds.

Strong and durable, StealthNet® bird netting is a professional bird control system which totally blocks birds of any type from entering areas you need to protect.


Where to Use
· In any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, opening, or configuration.
· From residential to AG to industry to retail. Commercial buildings, open beam structures, loading docks, façades, courtyards, bridges, balconies, storefront signs, etc..
Where to Use
Choose the Right Mesh Size
· 4” mesh bird control netting keeps out gulls and other large birds.
· 2” mesh pigeon netting keeps out pigeons.
· 1-1/8” mesh net excludes starlings, grackles, blackbirds, and similarly sized birds.
· ¾” mesh bird control netting keeps out small birds, such as sparrows & swallows.
Choose the Right Mesh Size
Almost Invisible
In Black, It's Stealthy.StealthNet is available in black and stone (beige). The netting is composed of very thin, ultra-strong, knotted strands of polyethylene twine.
Almost Invisible
Long Lasting
· StealthNet is manufactured using the most advanced technology in the world.
· Developed to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions.
· Polyethylene is the most ultra-violet resistant netting material available.
· StealthNet has extra ultraviolet stabilizers added in its raw materials, creating a durable, long-lasting net.
Long Lasting
Totally Humane
Safe for birds, pets & kids. StealthNet provides a harmless, impenetrable barrier against all pest birds. This anti-bird netting is a very effective bird control product. StealthNet® is an exclusion bird repellent device and is a humane bird control method.
Totally Humane

The Details of StealthNet's® Material Composition

· Six strands of polyethylene.

· Each strand is 12/1000 in. (hence the name 12/6).

· Wrapped rope-like into one strong protected twine.

· A breaking strength of 52 lbs. per twisted strand.

· StealthNet is the strongest polyethylene netting available in the world.

· Rotting will not occur as StealthNet is made to not retain water.

· StealthNet’s U.V.-treatment and color pigmentationare embedded in the composition (not just dipped), making the net more resistant to the effects of the sun with a more consistent coloring throughout.

· Flame-Resistant bird netting is available.


8-10 photos at top installed

below or next to those

· bird pressure

· colors, etc.

Next, how SN is installed.

· Clearly showing hardware

· explain the 7 components

Corner attachment, intermediate attachment, cable, ferrules, turnbuckles, hog rings, netting).

· one clear photo or an illustration.

· Maybe click on each part and it takes you to the order category for that. 

Why Does StealthNet® Work So Well?
IT'S, DARE WE SAY, INVISIBLE • First, it works because people love it. It's named StealthNet because you don't know it's there. From the countless experiences with the public, from below, one needs to have it pointed it out for it to be seen.

IT'S VERY STRONG & LONG-LASTING • Birds are persistent animals with sharp body parts & brains with nothing but time. No chance, though, for the birds. Additionally the most advanced tech including polyethylene which includes extra UV stabilizers added in it raw material process so not only birds but the sun can't harm it.

A RANGE OF MESH OPENINGS • Bird size matters when choosing the size of mesh to install. We know how to choose. Click "Ask an Expert" button to get help.

CORNER-TO-CORNER, EDGE-TO-EDGE PROTECTION • Our professional installers act as mechanical artists as our hardware and the netting mount firmly and precisely all the way to the edges that you want protected. Even small nesting sparrows or swallows? Yes, indeed.
What Makes It Mount Precisely & Last?
STAINLESS STEEL HARDWARE + • Our complete hardware systems are or many types and designed for not only longevity in the harshest conditions but also able to maintain secure nets without damaging mount points or letting loose areas get wind damage.

A WIDE VARIETY OF HARDWARE • StealthNet® secures to wood, stucco, brick, stone, glass, I-beams, trusses, roof material and many other substrates and foundations.

MANY MESH SIZES TO CHOOSE FROM • ¾", 1 ⅛", 2" and 4" mesh sizes keep small birds out and any other bird size out as well. And we offer not only pre-cut overall sizes but can tailor-cut to your specs making installs beautiful.

THE PERKS OF POLYETHYLENE TWINE • A cord that does not fray into ugliness. Will not absorb water and rot. Laughs at ultraviolet (UV) waves. And for anyone with a concern or flames, we offer a flame-resistant model, as well.
Where Can I Install It & Should I?
GREAT INSTALL LOCATION ARE ENDLESS• We know and have installed onto structures such as hangers, garages, barns, large building facades, wide open courtyards, bridges, balconies, open beam structures, loading docks, any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, commercial buildings, storefront signs, etc., etc..

KNOW YOUR BIRDS • Are they of multiple species? Are they sparrows and pigeons and gulls widely separated yet there? Swallows and woodpeckers, same building, different walls. Starlings and grackles ruining food processing business? Even bats get evicted.

INSTALLATION LEVEL• We must admit that this product is not easy to install. We sell quite often to handy owners with patience to get itn up right. Can do. But your best foot forward is with somebody in steel-toed boots.

INSTALLATION ISSUES • The primary concern we have for you is safety at height. It's one thing to stand near the top of a ladder for a screw or two. Getting nicely detailed in thoughtful design and tension makes a ladder very dangerous.

IT CAN BE INSTALLED WHERE YOU THINK IT CAN'T • As in the shot above or above large areas of water. Industry with constant particulates and violent weather locations. Bridges or caves that don't get checked. We've got you covered.
Test 4


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