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Extreme Ultrasonic System

Extreme Ultrasonic System
  2. With this exciting new bird and bat Control sound system we have 100% client satisfaction!

    It is a small, lightweight product but has a huge impact on roosting (sleeping) pigeons and bats. It has been installed at many sites where pigeons roost and more than 90% of the pigeons have relocated within 2-3 weeks.

    The Extreme is inaudible and has no impact on people at all. It can therefore be used inside shopping centers, factories, restaurants and places where people work or gather. Please note that the Extreme Sound System is specially designed to relocate roosting pigeons and bats and does not work for other bird species.

    The range of the sound system is: 15m x 10m (50 ft. x 33 ft.)
    Power supply: Input: 100-240v Output: 9 volt (Transformer)