What Professionals Are Saying About the Flex-Track Connectors


» Watch and learn how to install these New Quick Connectors.
snap“I recently learned that I had won a bid on a large bird exclusion project for a power company. I was very excited until I learned that I was to be given a one-month deadline for a job that would normally take at least 3 months to complete. It became imperative that I find a way to cut labor time while simultaneously increasing productivity. Lucky for me, I had received a complimentary bag of the new Bird-Shock Flex-Track Quick Connectors from Bird Barrier. Since I had nothing to lose, I decided to give them a try. I was very impressed to see how much faster and easier the new Quick Connectors are to use versus the former style. They cut down the install time by 70% and allowed me to finish the job not only on time, but under budget. In addition, the finished project had a more refined and professional appearance. I highly recommend this item and extend my thanks to Bird Barrier for such a well-made product.”

John Simpkins, Project Manager
Mid-Atlantic Wildlife Control, Edgewood, MD



Flex Connector Straight with Jumpers“As you know, Advocate Pest & Wildlife Specialists provides pigeon extraction throughout the United States on all levels of service. Recently, we were contracted to install deterrents on several gas station canopies that were suffering from major pigeon infestations.

I am pleased to report that your newly-designed system connectors exceed all expectations. Not only did the new design assist in the ease of installation, but cut my labor cost on that job by 18%.  My technicians were able to complete the job in ample time, saving our company hundreds of dollars.

I look forward to providing pigeon control to our clientele in the future utilizing Bird Barrier exclusively. There is no other system more durable or easier to install.”

Sandra Stewart, Owner/Operator
Advocate Pest & Wildlife Specialists, Yuma, AZ



DSC_0490“I have used Bird Barrier’s new connections on several high-profile jobs. They are very easy to use and save me a lot of time in the installation process. They snap on quickly and enable my crew to be done in a fraction of the time. The connectors lock down tightly and I am very confident that they make a great connection. The finished product looks incredible and very professional. As always, Bird Barrier steps up to make another great product.”

Matthew Green
Bird Abator, Torrance, CA



catspic“Just a heads up with regards to your new Quick Connectors when installing the Flex-Track system. They’re absolutely wonderful. We used them on our last job and are very pleased with the new snap-on technology. We appreciate the innovation at Bird Barrier. It seems like you guys are constantly striving to make these installations easier and better. Keep up the good work!”

Michael Hunt, Service Manager
Cats USA Pest Control, North Hollywood, CA


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